Shirting fabric

Our Shirting fabric has revolutionized the people daily lifestyle with its vivacious and comfortable feeling over the years.  We have launched a focused effort to produce the best grey, dyed as well as printed shirting fabrics to meet the global demand.
We are offering a wide range of shirting fabrics like Rich Cotton, Casuals, Plain Striped, Classic and Western to match to any taste with high-quality standards of any country, any culture and any individual. These fabrics are comprised in different weaves like satins, twills, matty, dobby , bird eye, slubs, linens, basket weave.

  • Four Star Shirting 
  • Ten Star 102
  • Small Star 
  • Safari Procian
  •  Safari Print

  • Safari Procian Print 
  • Mustache Print 
  • Big Star
  • Crystal King 
  • Carbon Shirting 


School Uniform
Product Name : Four Star Shirting
Product Name : Four Star Shirting
Product Name : Ten Star 102
Product Name : Small Star
Product Name : Safari Procian
Product Name : Safari Print
Product Name : Safari Procian Print
Product Name : Mustache Print
Product Name : Big Star
Product Name : Crystal King
Product Name : Carbon Shirting
Product Name : Three Star Shirting
Product Name : Workwear Uniform

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